FC Malaga City Academy is our affiliate partner in Spain, and students at Pathfinder Academy live residentially for 3 months each year at the academy.  FC Malaga City Academy offers a highly competitive full-time program with unparalleled fixtures. As such, FC Malaga City Academy, is Pathfinder Academy's affiliate program of choice in Europe.  Pathfinder Academy can offer its students at FCMC-A a cost effective program : 


  • remote guidance & support by a PhD in education;

  • Bi-monthly advisor or counselor student meetings;

  • a monitor/mentor that is part of the academy program; and 

  • a flexible program that is integrated with the academy

Pathfinder Academy Anywhere can help students keep pace with their education while they pursue their goals by providing a curriculum and support that is flexible and transferable.  Pathfinder Academy Anywhere provides students and parents "peace of mind," by working directly with their current home institution to: 


- Plan and prepare for their alternative education;
- PdD guidance & support; 
- MS & HS curriculum to meet the student's needs; and 
- Support for the transition back to the home institution (as required)