Pathfinder Academy is an independent college preparatory boarding and day school for boys from 7th grade through 12th grade.  We combine a rigorous 21st-Century blended education model with an elite soccer training environment.  Our 290 acre campus is situated in Pleasant Valley and boasts state of the art facilities including a swimming pool and our own FIFA regulation lighted turf field. 

Our education model leverages a proven technology platform to deliver engaging core curriculum, world language, AP,  and elective courses are designed to help students meet the challenge of common core and state standards, as well as your state’s graduation requirements. Rigorous, interactive courses keep students focused on the content they need to learn, which is designed to foster the advanced critical thinking and analytical skills they will need in post-secondary education.
We blend this learning environment with onsite core discipline tutors, and a full-time academic coordinator.  Our academic coordinator will design engaging collaborative projects for the students to work on as a team.  These projects will mix core curriculum concepts with volunteerism, civics, and leadership. 
The Pathfinder Academy athletic program is focused on developing the soccer athlete to be differentiated from the other 2.8 million players across the country, while providing  direct access to scouts from some of the world's most renowned clubs.  Our training is delivered by UEFA Pro & A licensed coaches, and students get a 3-month yearly residency in Spain (included in tuition).


In NY, we play in a competitive prep school league that is frequented by college scouts.  While in Spain, we will compete against some of Europe's top academies and be scouted for professional opportunities.